Wine Lip Tint Matte Set of 6

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  • The lip tint is highly pigmented and lasts longer.
  • The color looks adorable and very natural.
  • It is made of  ingredients that are safe for the skin.

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Wine Shaped Lip Tint Set Of 6, Waterproof Long Lasting Lip Tint, Wine Bottle Stained Matte and Hydrating Lip Gloss

Wine Lip Tint Matte, Hydrating Wine Shaped Lip Bottles Waterproof and Long Lasting Lip Tint Set of 6:

ManZiMiao brings the most adorable lip tints that come in cute little wine bottles! These pigmented lip stains are cosmetic product that have been revolving around the internet quite a lot, hence we thought of trying them too! Just like picking a face wash crucial for face, selecting the right lip products is extremely important for the well being of your lips.

What Are Lip Stains/Lip Tints?

Well, these look like lip-glosses but are very pigmented lip colors that tend to stain the lips and last all day long!

Unlike lipsticks, these do not wipe off that easy!

Also, the difference between lip stains and liquid lipsticks is that lip stains look very natural as they tend to get absorbed by the lips whereas, liquid lipsticks are an outer color for the lips!


Lip stains are not harmful to the skin, they are formulated to enhance the color of the lips to give that extra pop without looking artificial!

It is just like the ancient times when ladies used to stain their lips using beetroot and rose juices for some lip color!


Man Zi Miao comes in 6 shades ranging in the colors of deep and light red, burgundy, orange dark and light pink!


It comes in a wine shaped compact bottle with a lipstick applicator.

The colors are highly pigmented and tend to last longer! The bottles are small in size and can be carried anywhere easily!


The most special thing about the product is that it is made of Vegan materials, hence there is no kind of animal products in them!

How To Apply

– Start with moisturized lips. The product tends to go matte hence make sure the lips have no flaky skin.

– Take the lip stain applicator and gently start lining the lip shape.

– Now once you have lined the lips, fill in the lips.

– Use your fingertips to dab the extra and spread the color evenly!

If you are a lover of dark and bold lip colors, this product is for you!

The color lasts longer and gives you that extra pop which you need! You can apply it and be done or use it as a base for your lip-gloss, the colors look beautiful!

We do recommend you all to give this product a shot if you can spend those extra bucks! If we speak about the effectiveness, we might think the quantity is less, but it takes a very less product to stain your lips entirely too! Hence, it is expected to last for a good period of time!



  • The product has very thin and smooth texture which goes light on lips.
  • The lip tint is highly pigmented and lasts longer.
  • It doesn’t stain cups or food items.
  • The color looks very natural.
  • The lip stain is waterproof.
  • It is made of vegan ingredients that are safe for the skin.
  • Can be removed using oil or oil-based makeup remover.
  • Comes with a great packaging! The bottle is compact and portable.



  • The color pigment can differ as per different shades of lips.
  • It can be difficult to remove the product of the lips if multiple coats of the lip tint are applied.


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