Maliao Professional Lip And Eye Makeup Remover, Makeup Cleanser

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Maliao Professional Lip And Eye Makeup Remover, makeup cleanser

Maliao Professional Lip And Eye Makeup Remover:

The formula is enriched with Micelles – these are cleansing agents that absorb make-up, impurities and dirt like a magnet & lift them away from skin without any need for rubbing or pulling on the skin. This specific type of  Cleansing Water is also enriched with argon oil, which also help with lift heavy make-up off and at the same time nourishes the skin. With a swipe, your skin feels fresher and is cleansed from stubborn make-up, dirt & impurities.

Maliao Professional Lip And Eye Makeup dissolve makeup such as foundation, mascara, and lipstick so that it can be wiped or washed off entirely. Lip And Eye Makeup remover by maliao can come in the form of wipes, pad, or liquids and gels. Eye makeup remover and makeup cleanser are designed to gently dissolve and remove mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, dirt and oil without drying the skin around the eye area. They are often applied with a tissue or other cloth.

Effortlessly dissolve any makeup (even water-proof) with this excellent makeup remover created with skin-softening Coconut Oil. Hydrating botanicals, with toning & soothing benefits, leave the face, eyes & lip with zero dryness & irritation.


Maliao Face and Eye makeup removers typically include preservative ingredients to ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms do not grow and multiply in the products. Product safety for eye makeup removers adheres to the principles of quality assurance and good manufacturing practices, including testing the compatibility of products with packaging and shelf-life stability.

  • Gentle & effortless makeup removal
  • Does not cause dryness or irritation
  • Hydrating & soothing benefits
  • Suits all skin types
  • Gently Removes All Kinds Of Makeup
  • With Aloe Vera

Made with Skin Loving Natural Ingredients:

Skin softening Coconut Oil excellently breaks down makeup, leaving skin soft, supple & moisturized.

Soothing & hydrating Aloe Vera helps rectify pigmentation, dryness, sun damage & signs of aging.

Pore tightening Rose Water tones skin, hydrates & minimizes redness and acne inflammation.

How to use:

Shake well & soak up a cotton pad with product. Place the pad on skin and leave for a few seconds. Gently swipe outwards to wipe away makeup.

Manufacturers conduct extensive safety tests to ensure these products are safe and continue monitoring their safety in the marketplace by tracking consumer injury reports or comments/questions. It is important to read the product label and follow the directions. Children should only use these products under close adult supervision. For questions about product use, check the product label for the manufacturer’s contact information.

Legal Disclaimer: Product images are for illustrative purposes only. Images/packaging/ labels may vary from time to time due to changes made by the manufacturer’s manufacturing batch and location. The product description is for information purposes only and may contain additional ingredients.


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