Missrose Duraline Makeup Fixer Liquid, Makeup Diluent Fixer 10ml

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Missrose Duraline Makeup Fixer Liquid, Makeup Dilution Fixer 10ml

Missrose Duraline Makeup Fixer Liquid, Makeup Diluent Fixer 10ml:

So, you’ve been searching for a Duraline solution for matte lipsticks? Missrose Makeup Fixer Liquid happens to have multiple uses and it’s claimed to bring your dried off lipsticks back to life. Miss Rose Duraline makeup fixer is very good. Not only is it pocket friendly, but it is also very effective as it helped for fixing dried off matte lipsticks, kajal as well as eyeshadows.

According to the drying degree of eyeliner, eye black, nail polish and other cosmetics, the diluent should be applied to these products until they are naturally restored to their fresh state. Generally, apply it at night and it will be restored the next morning. In particular, eyeliner ointment is not suitable for use on the spot. It is used for mixing eye shadow powder.


  • Product Name : Miss Rose Duraline Fixer liquid for (Eye Shadow, Mascara, Eyeliner, Nail Paint etc.)
  • Finish : Liquidly Matte
  • Type : Liquid
  • Net Quantity (N) : 1
  • Add On : Make-Up Fixer
  • Fix your broken eye shadow, dried mascara or liner or nail paint
  • Water less clear liquid intensifies color.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Water resistant and hypoallergenic.

How to use:

And can be used on the spot. For the first time, try it step by step according to the dryness of the makeup
Many drops will be very thin. When the diluent drops on the surface of the object, a layer of breathable film will be formed, and the anhydrous transparent liquid can melt any of them. The makeup powder is compatible and has the effect of diluting the dried makeup.

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