3Q Beauty Matte Lipgloss Long Lasting Set of 12

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Absolutely gorgeous premium matte, you must have in every color. This product is 100% cruelty-free.

  • Pack of 12 different shades
  • Smooth application
  • Amazing staying power

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3Q Beauty Long Lasting Matte 12 pieces Lipgloss

3Q Beauty Matte Lipgloss Long Lasting Set of 12:

3Q Beauty Matte Lip-gloss is a cosmetic product, high quality makeup brand that adds shine and dimension to the comes in variety off shades ranging from pinks, nudes to reds.

Introducing “ MATTE LIP-GLOSS, amazing texture to make you feel and look good and attractive. Bright, Bold, and Perfectly Matte. With three times more pigment than any other liquid lip gloss on the market today. 3Q Premium Collection of liquid LIP GLOSS that goes on pure Matte, dries completely matte, and stays put for hours!


It’s understandable you may be a tad bit confused—how can the words matte and gloss be used to describe the same product? Well, matte lip gloss happens to be the best of both worlds, perfectly combining our favorite aspects of matte and glossy formulas. Simply put, matte lip gloss has the same liquid formula of a lip gloss, with the staying power of a matte lipstick. Sound up your alley? One key question might still be lingering in your head: What is the finish of a matte lip gloss? Instead of having a totally flat finish like a matte lipstick, this type of gloss has a satin finish that’s completely free of shimmer.

Absolutely gorgeous premium matte, you must have in every color. This product is 100% cruelty-free. Matte Lips GLOSS Set Liquid Waterproof (AFTER DRY IT SHOWS RESULT). Prefect Lip-gloss 12 shades for Girl, Women. Comfortable Wear, Smooth, Creamy Feel.

These are very convenient, very beautiful lip-gloss makeup set, take your perfect shades with you to carry out. 12 different gorgeous shades of lip gloss to choose from.

Note: The colors are a little off but that’s always the case on the internet. Even when you look at these colors on your notebook and on your phone they look different.


  1. Multi Unique Colors
  2. Pack of 12
  3. Smooth Application
  4. Amazing staying power
  5. Immediately plump up the lips
  6. Stay for more than 6 hours
  7. Waterproof and smudge proof
  8. Lips are plumped even on first use



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