Maliao 24K Gold Serum Smooth Wrinkles Firm Revitalize 30ml Original

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Maliao Original Smooth Wrinkles Firm Revitalize Antioxidant Recovery Complex 24K Gold Serum 30ml

Maliao 24K Gold Serum Smooth Wrinkles Firm Revitalize 30ml:


This 24K Face Serum is a lightweight, skin brightening daily serum with 24K gold and antioxidants. It reduces dark spots and blemishes while improving skin tone, giving you a brighter and even-looking skin. Maliao 24K Gold is a safe & proven ingredient which helps with lightening of spots and gives smooth wrinkle free and bright skin. This ingredient known for its hydration properties, leaves you with a supple and moisturized skin and reducing wrinkles.Smooth Wrinkles Firm Revitalize 24K Gold Serum easily absorbs into skin, giving it a clear, radiant look! It helps in brightening up skin by reducing pigmentation, reducing dark spots and giving skin an even tone. 24K is known for its efficacy in fighting signs of ageing and providing lasting protection against sun damage. This maliao serum is perfect for giving skin intense moisturization and making your skin look and feel supple and healthy. It locks in moisture and helps in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, making it look smoother and younger.

  1. Glow your skin
  2. Anti aging
  3. Skin repair
  4. Anti wrinkle
  5. Skin tightner
  6. Make skin shiny healthy & glow 24k
  7. Anti-tan,
  8. Moisturization
  9. Nourishment
  10. Radiance & Glow
  11. Skin Brightening

Suitable For: All Skin Types


  • After cleaning skin in the morning & evening.
  • Apply some essence liquid gently spread on your face (apply on whole face).
  • Then pat & massage until it is absorbed.
  • When using several kinds of liquid, waiting one completely absorb & then use another one.
  • Use more a layer of moisturizing cream if the weather is dry.
STORAGE: Seal, shading, store in cool dry place. This product contains active ingredients. After opening as soon as possible after use or fridge save.



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