Miss Rose 4 Color Concealer and Corrector Palette, Color Correction and Discoloration Kit

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Miss Rose Concealer and Corrector Palette, Color Correction and Discoloration Kit 4 in 1

Miss Rose 4 Color Concealer and Corrector Palette, Color Correcting and Discoloration Kit:

Color correction is a method of using skin complementing colors to help you get rid of skin discoloration. Colour corrector palette are very lightweight on the skin and have a similar texture to a creamy concealer. Color correcting up until a few years ago was something only makeup artists knew about. They would work their magic with a colour corrector palette and create a flawless base. But the wave of beauty influencers has made us aware about this magical makeup step.

Cover, camouflage, and correct with Miss Rose Concealer and Corrector Palette. Available in 4 shades to accommodate a wide range of skin tones and color-correcting concerns, this concealer effectively color corrects and covers imperfections, including redness, dark under-eye circles, and skin discolorations. The emollient-rich formula goes on like a dream, delivering beautiful, natural-looking concealer coverage with a smooth, non-cakey finish.

The colors used are directly opposite to the colors of the skin spectrum, which cancel them out and even out your skin tone. The colors that are generally used are green, lavender, yellow and a few other coral shades. Each color is used to target a specific area of concern. The first step is to identify your area of concern and then use the co-relating color concealer to conceal it. You can invest in a 4 color concealer and color corrector palette by missrose or buy these colors individually.


  • Emollient-infused concealer applies like a dream
  • Covers and camouflages imperfections without a cakey or obvious finish
  • Available in 23 diverse shades for a wide range of skin tones and undertones
  • Can be used to cover dark spots, redness, dark circles, and skin discolorations
  • Provides natural-looking coverage for your makeup look


Once you’ve figured out which shade you need, applying your color corrector is pretty straightforward. Here, we break down five steps to follow when applying color corrector for an even finish.

Step 1: Prime Your Face

First, prime your skin with a makeup primer. Not only will primer help your products grip better (allowing them to last longer), many formulas can also help blur pores, smooth fine lines, and mask other skin imperfections. If you’re not sure which primer is right for you, our best primer is here: Missrose Photo Finish Foundation Primer 25ml

Step 2: Apply Your Color Corrector

After giving your primer a minute or two to set, you can apply your color corrector (or color correctors). As for where to apply 4 color concealer and corrector, there aren’t specific spots you’ll always want to hit. It’s dependent on where your discoloration is. You can use your fingers, a brush, or a sponge to blend out the colorful concealer; choose whichever tool works best for you. Note that there may still be a tint left on your skin after blending, and that’s fine—your foundation and concealer will help cover that up.

Step 3: Layer On Foundation

Next, apply the foundation of your choice. For buildable coverage, try Foundation, which comes in 6 versatile shades. It’s lightweight and helps cover imperfections while leaving the skin with a natural-looking finish. If you prefer full-coverage formulas ,use those. The pigmented foundation delivers smooth, matte coverage that stays true for up to 24 hours. It also helps mattify shine, making it a great pick for those with oilier skin types.

Step 4: Apply Concealer Where Needed

After foundation, apply concealer for a bit of added coverage where needed. As with foundation, you’ll want to pick a formula that offers the right amount of coverage for your needs. For medium coverage with a natural-looking finish, we recommend 24K Gold Serum. If you want a fuller-coverage option, try Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer. The creamy concealer comes in 24 highly-pigmented shades and offers long-lasting coverage with a matte finish.

Step 5: Set Your Makeup

Once you’ve color corrected, concealed, and blended your base to perfection, set it all in place by misting your face with a setting spray. We have several makeup setting sprays on offer at NYX Professional Makeup—choose one with a formula that suits your skin type and desired makeup finish. Enjoy your even-looking skin!

Pro Tip: To have a more minimal makeup day, you can neutralize discolorations with color corrector but skip the foundation and concealer. Just be sure to sheer out your color corrector, so you’re not left with obvious patches of color.

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